Exhibition Schedule

Dazed and Confused

May 28–June 24, 2021
Receiving: Saturday, May 22, 10am-2pm
Online entry available
Juror: Barb Albin
Pickup date: Friday, June 25, 10am-2pm
No early pick up permitted

Altman-Vogt Solo Exhibition: John Hintz and Terrance Joyce

The Times They Are a Changin!

July 2 - July 22, 2021

Friday, June 25, 10am-2pm (ONLINE ENTIRES ONLY)
Saturday June 26, 10am-12pm

Online Entry Available

Juror: Sue Allen

Pickup date: July 23rd 10am- 2pm

Altman-Vogt Solo Exhibition: Janet Mishner & Marsha Ouimette

Purple Rain

July 30-August 12, 2021

Receiving: Firday, Juiy 23, 10am-2am (ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY)
                  Saturday July 24, 10am-12pm

Online Entry Available

Sponsored by: Joyner Family Insurance

Juror: Helen Burkett

Altman-Vogt Solo Exhibition: Summer Silent Auction 

Pickup Date: Friday, August 13, 10am-2pm


Big & Small

September 17-30, 2021

Recieving: Saturday September 11, 10am-2pm

Online Entry Available

Juror: Judy Saltzman 

Altman-Vogt Solo Exhibition: Gary Felfoldy

Pickup Date: Friday, October 1, 10am-2pm