#W714B Abstract Play! 1 Day Mini-Session, Thursday, Febuary 29, 9:30AM-3:30PM


Instructor: Nancy Rose

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Anyone can paint an abstract so beginners be brave! Bring your watercolors and come play! Create abstract impressionist paintings while you experientially learn
about the rules and tricks of an abstract. Watercolor and alternative paper demos. Beneath any successful realistic painting is a good abstract, a great place to start!
All levels. Teens welcome!

Supply List:
Bring whatever watercolor supplies you have, but your paintings will be better and you will happier with this list.
Anything Winsor Newton is best, including paint. Holbein and Daniel Smith paints are good.
Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon or Dick Blick online and the Sarasota Art and Frame have everything. Don’t listen to sales when they try to substitute your paint colors for what they have in stock. Wait for the right one.
Brushes: Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II (best) or Cotman (ok), Robert Simmons Sapphire (good)
1- 1” or ¾” flat brush OR #26 round brush
1- Long thin #3 (#3 or 4 ok) rigger brush or script
1- Round size #10 watercolor brush with a good point
Pallet: Watercolor: Pallet with a cover, large paint wells and a big space to mix paints. John Pike Pallet is best.
Paint: Watercolor: Winsor Newton Professional watercolor paints will last generations:
Permanent Rose
Manganese Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Winsor Yellow
Either Indigo OR Van Dyke Brown OR both
Hobby Lobby or Amazon will cost only $7 or $8 a tube, about $35. Save money and split a large tuber with a friend!
Watercolor Paper: Arches cold press watercolor pad 9×12 (dickblick.com $12, Hobby Lobby $14, Amazon $15)
Board or cardboard or thin plexi to put watercolor paper on.
Water container
Gum eraser
Please put your paint in your pallet to dry before class. Leave the pallet open to dry for a week before class, preferably under a fan. Squeeze each tube of paint into a sperate pallet square. Put the two Blues next to each other. Yellow goes 3-4 squares away from the blue on one side. The red goes 3-4 squares on the other side of the Blues. Place the darks in a corner away from the Yellow, closer to the Blues. At a later time, Green can go between Yellow and Blue, Purple between Red and Blue, Orange between Yellow and Red.
We can’t wait to see you laughing and playing with paint! Questions? Email me: [email protected]