#W712A Landscape Painting in Watercolor, 3 Day Mini-Session, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, January 23, 24 & 25, 9:30AM-3:30PM


Instructor: Heather McCulllough

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This skill building workshop will start with review of fundamentals of watercolor, paint chemistry, color and value, then focus on composition using value studies to achieve compelling landscape paintings based on each artists own reference photos.  Demonstrations will help illustrate techniques of paint application. All skill levels welcome. It will be fun!

Supply List:

As in nearly all endeavors, the quality of your materials is important.  Professional grade paints, brushes and paper are required for success in watercolor.
You will need the following:

1 Palette. The palette must be a large enough to have wells for each paint color and sufficient mixing space.  Some artists use an enamel butcher tray as a palette, but most prefer something with a lid. I have a John Pike palette ,15” x 10.5” which fits into my french box easel.


Professional brands include Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton, M. Graham, Holbein, Daniel Smith, Lukas, Cheap Joe’s American Journey brand (art supply catalog), DickBlick’s house brand.  There are many others – just please make sure you choose the manufacturer’s professional grade.

You will NEED 6 tubes of paint total for this class, a warm and cool version of each of the primary colors.  I suggest the following:
1 warm yellow: New Gamboge
1 cool yellow: Cad yellow light
1 warm red: Cadmium red, either medium or light
1 cool red: Alizarin crimson
1 warm blue: Ultramarine blue
1 cool blue: Phthalo blue

I also have Hookers green (either light or dark), Phthalo green, raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber, permanent rose and quinacridone gold ( Daniel Smith), and cerulean blue hue on my palette currently, but these are not necessary for the workshop.  If you are inclined to buy a few  extra colors for your palette, I’d buy the Phthalo green, raw sienna, cerulean hue, and probably permanent rose.


Bring what you have, presuming you already have some experience as a watercolor painter.  I use a variety of flat and round brushes.  If you are purchasing watercolor brushes, please consider  following:

1” flat (AND about 1.25 inches long– check the length as well as the width)
½ ” flat (about 1 inch long )
#8 round ( the sizing of round brushes is inconsistent across brands.  You should look for a “ medium sized” brush with a sharp point)
Rigger or liner – at least 1” long 

Paper : 140 lb Arches cold pressed or rough paper in ¼ sheet size or smaller. (you may purchase a full sheet , 22 x 30 inches, and tear this into smaller pieces

Support for paper ( I use cardboard or foam core)

Bulldog clips to secure paper to support or masking tape

Sketch pad or sketchbook ( not necessarily watercolor paper- this is for working out your designs. I have found Aqua Bee sketch books to be a good value. They tolerate use of watercolor for value sketches)

1 Sketching pencil 2B or softer

1 kneaded eraser

water container

paper towel.

Reference photos: These will be important for this workshop.  Ideally bring a variety of photos of landscapes you have always wanted to paint. (These can be on your phone).