#W704C Intuitive Painting in Transparent Watercolor, 4 Weeks, Mondays, March 4, 11, 18 & 25, 9:30AM-12:00PM


Instructor: Diane Chencharick

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Learn how abstract paintings evolve from a few simple shapes to complex works of art. Intuitive painting teaches you how to analyze your work and decide what it needs. This class incorporates design principles, demonstrations and critique, honing your ability to make good choices and increase your odds for success.

Supply List:
– Minimum 2 sheets watercolor paper, 140 lb or above
– At least one Large flat brush: 1-1/2” Richeson is my favorite
– small round brushes (I use Richeson #2 and #4)
– Watercolor palette OR a few assorted colors you like to use.
My favorites are: Paynes Gray, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Quinacridone Violet, Andrews Turquoise or Teal, Sap Green, Green Gold, Quinacridone Gold, Permanent Red, Alizarin Crimson, Orange, Burnt Umber, Lemon Yellow, and Cadmium Yellow Deep THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION IF YOU WANT TO USE THE COLORS I DO. I don’t care if you use other colors or only have 3 or 4 to start with.
– wax paper for creating textures
– 1 or 2 inks like Dr. Ph Martin’s (black and blue)

Optional items
– 2 containers for water (there are also containers available in class)
– small ½” flat brush
– bubble wrap, plastic wrap, cheesecloth, acetate or additional materials for creating textures
– scrubber brushes (for “erasing” small areas)