#W703D Greeting Cards and Small Wonders, 1 Day Mini-Session, Wednesday, April 17, 9:30AM-3:30PM


Instructor: Marilyn Cassidy

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It’s a fun hands-on day! Various techniques for creating note cards and other small wonders will be demonstrated.

This is a suggested list. You may use any materials you have.
•    Watercolors of your choice (Colored Pencils & Markers can also be used)
•    Brushes: No. 1 Rigger, 4, 6, 8, Round (These are the brushes I use, small flats will do as well)
•    Palette, butcher’s tray or plate for mixing colors.
•    Corrugated cardboard or masonite or form core or plexiglass (A surface for taping down cards or paper) Should be about 12×16
•    Drafting Tape ( doesn’t take the surface of paper off when removed like masking tape) Available at Staples.
•    Water container
•    Eraser
•    Pencil
•    Paper Towels
•    Squirt Bottle
•    Photos or clippings of subjects you’d like to paint
•    Strathmore WATERCOLOR CARDS with envelopes (Do not buy Strathmore Greeting Cards. These cards are different and do not allow the paint to move—too textured.)
•    I will have some available for purchase. Sometimes these are hard to find.
•    Or 140 # Watercolor paper cut 7×10. Folded this makes a card 5X7.
•    Sea sponge (with fuzzy ends)
•    Tracing paper, transfer paper, wax paper, Plastic Wrap
•    Scissors
•    Frisket or masking fluid—Pebeo Drawing Gum is good
•    Old brush for masking and gluing
•    white crayon
•    Glue Spray
•    Glitter
•    Ribbon
•    Stamps
•    Salt
•    Rubbing Alcohol