#W701B Watercolor Plus, 4 weeks, Mondays, February 26-March 18, 1:00 – 3:30PM


Instructor: Marilyn Cassidy

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Release your inner self. That’s what this class is all about! Water media and color interacting to create patterns which can be interpreted or just be color infusion and shape.
Experimentation. A $10 fee, paid to the instructor, will cover use of materials and equipment hard to find locally. Please refer to the supply list.

The most important thing you need to bring to this class is an open mind. I will be sharing techniques that I have learned in several workshops with various teachers. Many of the supplies we will be using, I’ll be providing for a few of $10.00 each. Many of the materials have to be purchased in quantity, are expensive and hard to find. The fee will cover these supplies for your use, tools and equipment. You may rush out to supply yourself after using these, then again, you may decide that you would never do this again. I will give you a list of materials we will be using and where they can be purchased and the price in case you cant wait to the next class to try these techniques again on your own.
o    Plastic tablecloth or shower curtain (Dollar Store): This is a big aid at clean up time, we will be making messes.
o    Gator board, plexiglass, foam core or card board: Easier to take home very wet and dripping projects
o    Scissors
o    Pencils
o    Eraser
o    Large water jar
o    Mat medium/Modge Podge (Walmart)/Elmer’s glue
o    Lue brush (Walmart 24 for $0.99)
o    Your favorite colors in watercolors and acrylics
(I will have a bag with half used paints, many color, for you to use as well)
You may want plastic gloves, the Alcohol Inks can be staining.
I will be supplying the grounds for some of the projects, you may want to bring your favorite papers as well.
If you have any questions, you may call me (not after 5:30 pm) at home or email me
Marilyn Casssidy
[email protected]
THINGS I WILL SUPPLY: molding paste, alcohol inks, blending solution, watercolors in tubes, stencils, lazy susan, tools (palette knives, sand paper) yupo, canvas panels, 300#