#W606C Just Paint! Exploring Acrylics, 4 Weeks, Thursdays, April 18-May 9, 1:00-3:30 PM


Instructor: Linda Larisch

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Bring your own reference materials, sketches/photos/ideas and just paint. This instructor will offer suggestions and guidance to complete your work. Or enjoy exploring intuitive and creative abstract techniques using acrylic paint. Demos will illustrate various methods of applying paint and incorporating other papers to enhance your composition. All levels welcome.

Supply List:

If you are going to “just paint” from a reference please bring your normal painting supplies. I suggest using Liquitex or Golden hard body acrylics in tubes with at least the  primary colors (red, yellow, blue), titanium white and black, a gloss or matte medium (liquid) and gesso to coat the canvas or paper. Also a variety of acrylic brushes, some kind of palette with a cover, water container, and paper towels.

For playing with abstraction you will need:

  *Smallish pad of sturdy watercolor paper 140lb. (8”x8” or similar) doesn’t have square.

  *a canvas approx 16×20”

  *Heavy body gesso to coat paper and canvas

  * painters tape (masking tape)

  *a hard board or surface to tape your paper on. (Lowe’s has the perfect panel, approx 24×24”, 1/4” thick, smooth wood,  in the cut plywood section, pre cut for about $9.)

  *matte medium

  *variety large and small brushes

  *any and all types of  acrylic paint, fluid acrylics, acrylic inks, markers, conte crayons, colored pencils, pens, etc.

  *palette knives, rubber scrapers, old credit cards, for spreading paint around


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