#W605A Portrait Painting in Oil, 6 Weeks, Wednesdays, March 20-April 24, 9:30AM-12:00PM


Instructor: Emilia Farrell

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We will begin the class #1 with quick sketches (pencil/charcoal on paper), going over the character poses of the model; the head and the torso structure; the tonal relationship of the (light &dark) in capturing the likeness. In the class #2, 3, 4, will progress to painting, while expanding our observation of skin tones and colour relationships within the composition. For these 4 sessions, please bring a good quality print, or photo of your desired model. It could be a print of a known artwork. It will lay ground and allow us to work from the live model/sitter at the class #5 and #6. $15 cash per student for model fee for the last two classes.

This class is suitable for all levels, as instructor will work individually with students to foster their goals and natural talents.

Pad, pencil, charcoal, kneeded eraser;
Canvas (framed and wired) 11”x14” or greater;
Oil paints (preferred, or acrylic):
Zinc White, Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber; Ultramarine Blue, Yellow and Red Cadmium, Ivory Black, Linseed Oil, rags. No mediums!