#W603B Painting Landscape in Tonal/Impressionistic Tradition, Oil or Acrylic, 6 Weeks, Tuesdays, February 27-April 2, 1:00-3:30PM


Instructor: Emilia Farrell

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The impressive painting of a landscape depends on making all of the six fundamental elements work together—composition, perspective, placement, color, value relationships and brushwork. Working from a   photograph, you will employ these fundamentals, while being guided through the development of your own painting. Oil paint is a preferred medium, but acrylic or gouache are welcome as well.

Supply List:
Bring sketch pad, soft pencil or vine charcoal, canvas, canvas board, Masonite panel (11×14” and up sizes) basic colors set, palette, painting medium (Gamsol and linseed or walnut oil), long 10-12: handle brushes #6, 12 and 18 (comb and filbert, synthetic and bristle), paper towels or rags