#W601A Finalizing Abstraction, 2 Day Mini-Session, Tuesday & Wednesday, January 30 & 31, 9:30AM-12:00PM


Instructor: Francesco Agresti

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Moving towards abstraction from figurative to non-objective paint, mark, emotion and process as subject matter and content.

Supply List:

Professional Grade Heavy Body Acrylics/ Oils or Waterbase Oil
(Golden, Liquitex, Utrecht) do not buy off brand
Spray bottle for water
Water Container
Palette knife/Knives
2-3″ house painting brush
White Bristle Brushes (hogs bristle) Sizes 1”, ½” and other various sizes from smaller to larger. Types and shapes of brushes: Filberts, Brights, and Flats
3 canvas at least 16×20”
Small canvas boards or canvas paper pads (9”x12”) for practice of techniques
Titanium white
Cad red medium
Ivory black
Yellow Ochre
Cad yellow medium
Burnt Sienna
Permanent Green
Ultramarine Blue
Dioxizine Purple
Portrait Pink
Burnt Umber
Cad Orange
Paynes Gray