#W505A Starting from Scratch: Drawing 101, 4 Weeks, Friday, January 12 – February 2, 9:30 – 12:00PM


Instructor: Linda Larish

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This is a good place for the budding artist to start or refresh. The biggest challenge is learning how to “see” and how to render three dimensions onto a two-dimensional surface.
Learn basic concepts such as value, shading, composition, proportion, and perspective. Simple tools are pencils, paper and eraser, but ask for a supply list.

Supply List for Basic Drawing – Starting from Scratch
Linda Larisch instructor
• A pad of drawing paper – 11”x14” or larger, a pad of sturdy,
white drawing paper at least 80lb. Strathmore brand is good.
• Pencils – I recommend getting a set of 12 drawing pencils with
graded degrees of hardness. Staedtler , (Mars Lumograph) is a
good basic brand not too expensive to get you started.
• A soft rubber eraser- usually pink or white
• Eraser stick- an eraser made like a pencil so it can be sharpened
to a point, usually the eraser is pink
• Eraser Pencil- similar to the eraser stick but a typewriter, white,
eraser in pencil form with a little brush at the end. The only place
I have found these is at Art & Frame in Sarasota or Amazon on
• Kneaded Eraser
• Blunts (or tortillions)– they usually come in a pack containing
several sizes for blending
• Hand held or small battery powered pencil sharpener- it is
important to be able to have pencils well sharpened.
• Brush- about 2” wide soft bristled, to brush eraser debris off the
paper, a cheap paint brush is good