#W503A Exploring Collage: The Unlimited World of Surface Effects, 3 Weeks, Mondays February 26 – March 11, 9:30 – 12:00PM


Instructor: Beverly Gordon

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Experiment with a range of paper and collage surface, creating effects like translucency, faux rice paper, faux leather, CitraSolv paper, distressed surface, fumage and
grattage, paper weaving. Work with stitching (into fabric, paper, photographs) paper carving. Stimulate your imagination. Builds on the class Exploring Collage:
Overview and Experiments, but open to all—no prerequisites.

Supply List

What Every Participant Should Bring
Note: much of this will consist of things you already have on hand, and if you do buy any supplies, they should also be usable in other contexts. Don’t stress over any one item, since I will have some extras on hand if need be.

–Journal or notebook and pen/pencils

–Inexpensive paper for possible additional sketching, and using as a base for gluing.

–Materials for collage backgrounds. Bring of range of different materials to experiment with. Bring some of what you have on hand and what you can scrounge—you may purchase others after you get a feel for it. Examples:
o **4-5 pieces of matboard, cardboard, canvas board, foam core board, fiberboard. For the first class, you can think of working in no larger than an 8” x 10” size. (It’s always helpful to work with sizes that fit into standard size frames. You can think in terms of square formats too.)

o Drawing pad with medium to heavy-weight paper. You may want some backgrounds you can pierce (e.g., to sew into) so this kind of flexible surface is a good idea. (It is NOT necessary to purchase a whole pad—instructor or a classmate can give you a sheet to experiment with).

o Small prepared canvases work well too. They can be stitched into and don’t need framing.

–**8 oz. (or more) matte gel medium. This can be any brand. (If you have gloss or luster finish on hand and prefer that, bring it along; I prefer matte finish for most purposes.) Note: Modgepodge is a gel medium brand name. It is often considered less high quality than other brands such as Golden or Liquitex, and it can create a somewhat shinier finish, but I find it still works and if you have it on hand, it will certainly suffice. Do not use slow drying gel medium. The instructor will also have some on hand.

–Smooth brushes for applying gel medium, paint, gesso, etc. You can use both inexpensive sponge brushes and brushes with points/tips. The gel medium washes out well if you get to it quickly so you can use brushes you have on hand.

–Glue sticks. I suggest bringing up to 3 of them since they can dry out or break. There are different varieties, including wrinkle-free. Even the simplest works fine, so bring what you have on hand or what you like. If you like to work with tape adhesive or mounting tape, bring that.

–Scissors (for paper cutting). Bring more than one if you have them—some for fine work, some for rougher—but whatever you have will work. Also, if you have pinking shears or scissors that cut scalloped or shaped edges, bring them too.

–Masking or painter’s tape –the removable kind is best for this purpose. The instructor will also have some on hand.

–Exacto knife if you are used to using this tool (this is not required) and a cutting mat if you already have one.