#813A Sumi-e Painting, 2 Day Workshop, January 24 & 25, Wednesday & Thursday, 9:30 – 12:00PM


Instructor: Keiko Romerstein

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This course is broken into two sections: Orchid and Landscape II. For the first session, Orchid, it is the second object to study after bamboo for every beginner. We will study curved lines and a variety of composition with the orchid. In the second session, Landscape II, we will paint with more subjects in composition and introduce the “Crinkle Technique” for the rock and mountain.

Supply List:

If you already have tools, please bring them, including papers.
If this is your first time to learn Sumi-E painting, and you don’t have any tools, and if you want to have them, you can purchase the following from Oriental Art Supply (OAS) at www.orientalartsupply.com or 800-969-4471.
• Item No. P03M Moon Palace Paper ($12.00)
• Item No. SETDV601 Orchid & Bamboo Beg. Set ($50.00)
If you do not wish to purchase supplies, you can borrow some tools from the instructor.
Everyone should bring the following:
• Paper towels
• Felt fabric (black or brown, 1 yard)
• White porcelain dish (cake plate size)
• Water bowl
• News print paper (either 12”x18” or 18”x24”
• Bottled Sumi-ink (available at Art & Frame, Sarasota or OAS No. 104 Best Bottle Ink ($15.00)
If you have any questions, please contact me at 941-918-8151 or email me at [email protected].
Please mention SUMI-E in the Subject Line.