#810A Oil Painting: Beginner to Advanced, 2 – Day Workshop January 24 & 25, 2024, Wednesday & Thursday 9:30-3:30PM


Instructor: Hodges Soileau

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Oil Painting Beginner to Advanced – Hodges Soileau Supply List

Oil Paint –
•    Titanium white
•    Ivory black
•    Transparent oxide red, or burnt sienna
•    Raw sienna
•    Yellow ochre
•    Cad yellow medium
•    Cad yellow pale
•    Cad red
•    Permanent alizarin crimson
•    Ultra marine blue deep
•    Cobalt blue
•    Viridian

This is an open palette. If you have a palette that you prefer that is fine. Most of the time one would not be using all of these colors, but a more limited palette. This will be addressed during class.

Medium –
•    I use Ralph Mayer’s formula of one part stand oil, one part damar varnish, and five parts odorless mineral spirits. Again, if one has a medium they prefer to use that is fine.