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Online Student Exhibit and Contest Final Winners

Venice Art Center

Online Student Exhibit and Contest

The Venice Art Center, with a grant from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County was proud to offer a 12-week online exhibition and contest for young artists in South Sarasota County.  The artwork submitted each week challenged the judges to select only one winner and an honorable mention.

The contest was judged in two categories:

  • Best Entire Body of Work
  • Best Overall Work

In each category, we were able to award 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and three honorable mentions.

We thank each artist for submitting work and hope that each one pursues his or her artistic dream.

Thank you Community Foundation of Sarasota County!


Best Entire Body of Work

1st Place: Chau Mai, Age 18, Venice

2nd Place: Cierra Stanton, Age 16, North Port

3rd Place: Bailey Budde, Age 16, Nokomis


1st Place Best Overall
Chau N. Mai
Age, 18, Venice
"My Grandma"

 week eleven first place chau mai

2nd Place Best Overall
Gianna Rafaniello
Age17, Osprey

week six first place Gianna rafaniello

3rd Place Best Overall
Rainer Dolmanet
Age 19, Venice
"Innermost Beauty"

week three innermost beauty rainer dolmant

Honorable Mention Best Overall
Bailey Budde
Age 16, Nokomis
"Coffee Swirl"

week twelve first place Bailey Budde

Honorable Mention Best Overall
Cierra Stanton
Age 16, North Port
"Light and Shadow Woman"

week five first place winner cierra stanton

Honorable Mention Best Overall
Margaux Moussier
Age 17, Nokomis
"Timothee Calamet"
Colored Pencil

Week one first place margaux moussier venice art center