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Create unique wire earrings by bending wire and adding your choice of beads. All supplies provided.
Learn how to cut a shape out of metal, hammer and punch holes in the metal, and add beads to create unique earrings.
Create a set of earrings and a pendant to match using wire and your choice of bead.
Learn a wire weaving technique to add crystal beads to wires to create beautiful rainbow hoop earrings. All supplies provided.
Learn how to curl wire into a statement jewelry set.
Learn how to use a coiling gizmo to create a unique set of copper jewelry.
Learn how to create a starfish shape out of wire. We will then fill it with beach glass and beads to make an ornament or a…
Create beautiful, unique earrings out of your artwork using alcohol inks and beads.
Starting out with a frame that you make with wire, you will design a beautiful pendant using colorful seed beads of your choice.
Create a shape with wire, then learn how to fill it with multi-shaped beads to create a unique pair of earrings. All supplies provided.
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