808 Photo Editing on the iPad with Susan Ploughe

Better photo references can lead to better paintings! And if you are a photographer, there are tons of ways to make your end product even more interesting. Much of what Photoshop Elements has been used for can now be done on the iPad. There are some great apps that allow you to edit and enhance your photos. We will use several to:

  • Apply filters for absolutely amazing effects.
  • Adjust lights and darks, color saturation, contrast, etc., on the whole photo or in selected areas. YOU will be in control of the image.
  • Correct certain camera distortions.
  • Change colors entirely.
  • Blur or vignette certain areas.
  • Combine multiple photos into one.
  • Improve the expression on a face – really!
  • Move objects around.
  • Make a photo gritty and grainy, or ultra-smooth.
  • Skew, stretch, or distort your images.
  • Add artistic text to your photos.

The possibilities are endless!

Instructor: Susan Ploughe

Dates: 2 day session, Wednesday & Thursday, 9:30am–12:30pm

806: March 11 & 12

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**Class 807 Art and Your iPad I covers making original art. Class 808 Photo Editing on the iPad covers photo-manipulation. Susan highly recommends that you take only ONE of these classes, as doing both can be confusing.**

Download supply list needed for this class (will link to a PDF)