807 Art and Your iPad I with Susan Ploughe

The iPad has opened a whole new world of creative possibilities! In six hours, you will learn what Susan has spent six years discovering. In this workshop you will explore several apps that not only allow you to make art directly on your iPad, but also assist you in planning and improving your studio work.

These apps will enable you to:

  • Draw and “paint” on your iPad. The ArtRage app is able to mimic oil painting, watercolor, pastels, airbrushing and more. (It is really amazing).
  • Paint anywhere! No need for canvas, paint, brushes or easel.
  • Try out different solutions if you are feeling stuck on a studio painting.
  • Paint on top of photographs.
  • Improve your ability to see colors accurately.
  • Experiment with different color choices for your paintings.
  • Remove unwanted elements in a photo reference.
  • Take something from one photo and place it in another photo. Combine as many elements as you want. Lots of fun, but also useful for designing your paintings.
  • And as a fun bonus, make the people or animals in your photos or paintings talk – yes, talk! Think of the humorous things you could send to your friends or grandkids.

Instructor: Susan Ploughe

Dates: 2 day session, Monday & Tuesday, 9:30am–12:30pm

807: March 9 & 10

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**The other iPad class that Susan is offering this year is "Photo Editing on the iPad." It uses completely different apps, and covers photo-manipulation rather than making original art. Susan highly recommends that you take only ONE of these classes, as doing both can be confusing.**

Download supply list needed for this class (will link to a PDF)