806 About FACE - Fresh Approach to Portraits with Susan Ploughe

There are so many interesting ways to paint the human face! In this workshop you will explore a variety of ways to approach portraiture. You will discover new ways to apply paint (or remove it, or drip it, or scrape it), experiment with different surfaces, use unconventional color palettes, incorporate pattern, and more. As you work through each project, using a selection of inspiring reference photos, the focus will always be on the FACE: Freedom. Amusement. Creativity. Exploration.

Have you always wanted to paint people, but have been held back by fear, or perhaps attempted a few portraits and been discouraged by your results? Maybe you have produced many good portrait paintings, but you feel uninspired, stuck in a rut. If so, it might be time for a new approach, a change in direction, an ABOUT FACE. This workshop is designed to open your eyes to new possibilities and to remove barriers that are keeping you from fully enjoying the process of painting people.

Instructor: Susan Ploughe

Dates: 3 day session, Thursday-Saturday, 9:30am–3:30pm

806: March 5-7

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