805 Oil Painting Lifelike Portraits from Photos with Susan Ploughe

You do not need to have any skill to take this workshop, but it is very important that you have used your materials enough to be comfortable with them.

Painting portraits from life is a fabulous thing, and we highly recommend it, but let’s be honest: most of the time, people work from photos! Susan has structured this workshop to teach you how to use photographs appropriately and to help you develop an approach that will result in more lifelike portraits.

Some topics we will explore:

  • Photos do not tell the truth; don’t trust ‘em!
  • What makes a good reference photo
  • Beginning your painting in the right way
  • Seeing and mixing realistic flesh tones
  • Eyes that look alive
  • Other features – how to paint them accurately, yet loosely
  • Painting hair without using tiny brushes
  • Stronger paintings through simplifying - know what to leave out
  • It’s all about edges

Susan will demonstrate each principle, so that you know exactly how to approach them. You will be doing lots of exercises, rather than finished portraits, in order to build the skills you need.

Instructor: Susan Ploughe

Dates: 3 day session

805: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, January 23, 24, 25, 9:30am–3:30pm

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Download supply list needed for this class (will link to a PDF)