805 Oil Painting Beginner to Advanced with Hodges Soileau

In this painting workshop, Hodges will impart some of the principles that he uses and considers most important, whether working in oils or any medium that uses color. The principles of shape, value, edges, and color temperature are what are most important. The importance of understanding the effect temperature of light has on color will be explained, stressed and demonstrated, thus increasing one’s observation skills, as they relate to these principles.

Hodges will demonstrate how to begin a painting in different ways. There is no one best way to do this. One must remain open to the possibilities, depending on the situation and temperament of the artist. One should have options in her or his arsenal that allows the tackling of any subject. This may at times require a different approach. This should also prevent one from becoming a formula painter.

Last, but not least is the importance of trying to have fun with paint. Painting, although not necessarily easy, should certainly be fun or why do it!


Instructor: Hodges Soileau

Dates: 3 day session, Thursday-Saturday, 9:30am–3:30pm

805:  February 20-22

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