801 Abstracting Nature Workshop with Pat Dews

In this exciting, fast-paced and fun workshop, students paint four abstract starts, day one and two, focusing on the elements of texture, shape, value, color, line, space and form. Day three students concentrate on finishing these starts. The emphasis is on the design elements and principles. Basic rules help guide you to better composition. Eventually this process becomes intuititve and you learn to go with your gut feeling.  Students learn exciting ways to create texture, use realistic pictures provided to inspire an abstract painting, create rich surfaces using acrylic paint techniques, use a grid design to save a failed painting (if time allows), use collage as a means of change and learn to crop for good designs. Through daily exciting demonstrations, positive critiques and working right there beside the student, Pat helps take the "fear oout of painting." A slideshow of finished paintings will focus on design.  Pat's critiques using construction paper and torn collage pieces show students how just a simple line or shape here, a colore there, can make the painting.  Students find critiques invaluable and later often say they will never work the same again. Students leave with a better idea of abstraction and wanting to paint!

Instructor: Pat Dews, AWS DF, NWS

Date: Wednesday-Friday, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

801: January 29-31

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