205 A Beginner Mastering the Art of Mobile Photography Tutorial and Outdoor Photo Shoot with Judith Rosall

This new, “A Beginner’s Mastering the Art of Mobile PHOTOGRAPHY” – 2-day program will focus on helping you with the basics of smartphone photography. We will learn how to take a great photograph using popular, smartphone photo filtering and editing apps, along with learning your smartphone’s basic camera tools and photo editing features. This program will also focus on basic photo composition, post-processing of your photographs and artistic, compositional perspectives. A guided, outdoor, 1-hour photo shoot at Venice Beach and fishing pier is also included in the second day of the program.

Instructor: Judith Rosall

Dates: 2 weeks, 1:00-3:00, days vary

205A: Thursday, September 19 & Saturday, September 21
205B: Wednesday, October 9 & 16
205C: Saturday, November 2 & 9
205D: Wednesday, December 11 & 18
205E: Saturday, January 11 & 18
205F: Saturday, February 1 & 8
205G: Saturday, March 21 & 28
205H: Tuesday, April 7 & 14
205I: Tuesday, May 5 & 12

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