The Venice Art Center
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A Little Bit Different!


Glass Fusing


Stained Glass


Watercolor on Terra Skin


Abstract Play



Matting and Framing


Sorry, class 107A has been cancelled.



Class 108 is now closed.


Silk Painting


Mixed Media


Note Cards


Sorry, class #112 has been cancelled.





Let's Get Surreal


Sorry, class #116 session A has been cancelled.

Monochromatic Creations




Exceptional Eggs


Sorry, class 119 has been cancelled.


Sorry, Class #120 has been cancelled.


Picture Perfect Mosaic


Mosaic Grouting Class


Dream Catchers


Sorry, Class #124A and B are cancelled.

Mandala Painting


Sorry, class #125 has been cancelled.


Sorry, class #126 has been cancelled.


Artistic Marketing


Art Without Anxiety
Art Without Anxiety

Intro to Printmaking

Exploring Relief and Intaglio