The Venice Art Center
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Ceramics and Pottery!
(Please note that prices reflect a 25 pound bag of clay, kiln firing and glaze.)

Sorry, Session 401A, 401D and 401E are sold out.

A Way With Clay


Sorry, class #402D is sold out.

Hump Day Clay
Handbuilding Heaven


Sorry, session 403A, B, C and D are sold out.

Hump Day Clay
Hump Day Clay


Sorry, class 404A is sold out.

Pottery on and off the Wheel


Intermediate/Advanced Pottery


Sorry, class 406A has been cancelled.

Pottery on and off Wheel


The Next Step


Surface Decoration


Slipping Along


Raku Firing Mini-Session


Inter/Advanced Pottery


Sorry, class 412B is sold out.

Fun in the Mud
Fun in the Mud


Sorry, Class 416, session A has been cancelled.

Sorry, Class 416, session B is sold out.

Sculpture in Clay


Sculpture in Clay


Sorry, class 418C is sold out.

Sculpture in Clay